Delight in its interior that is designed to be as handsome as it is utilitarian.


Instrument Panel

The ergonomic design of the instrument panel puts every control within easy reach and every gauge in clearer view – allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Coin Holder

Even small denominations of money have their rightful throne inside the Estate as provided by the van’s coin holder.

Glove Compartment

Safe keep your personal belongings, manuals, maps and any important item inside the glove compartment of the Estate.

Multi-purpose Tray

Slid in your must bring notebook at the Estate’s well-placed notebook tray.

Seatback Console Lid

It makes a handy writing surface with a groove to prevent pens from falling. The console opens to accept A4 size documents and is equipped with cupholders.

Bottle Holder

No more worry of spillage of your favourite beverage during a bumpy ride. The Estate has a distinguished placed right for drinking bottles.

Tuner with Single In-dash CD/USB/MP3 player

The audio system includes an AM/FM radio with single in-dash CD/USB/MP3 player.

Dome Lamps

Get instant illumination just as when you needed as the Estate has built in dome lamps for your convenience.

Door Pockets

Along with the many other useful storage areas, the side door pockets provide even more space to keep important binders, maps, or loose paperwork.

Dual Map Lamps

More convenience in travelling places you’re about to explore.


12 Seater Capacity

In every Nissan Urvan Estate you’l find the plushest of seats with acres of legroom. Leaving home need not mean leaving the comforts behind.

Reclining Rear Seats

Puts the body in the most restful position for optimum riding posture for both driver & passengers

Ergonomically Designed Seats

It comfortably supports spine to reduce fatigue on long trips. High endurance seat cushions maintain the comfort for many years.

Aircon with Multi-controls

The famed Nissan’s cabin cooling system make passengers comfortable in any weather condition.

Rear Air Conditioning System

Estate features individual ventilation for each row, to keep passengers cool and comfortable no matter where they are seated.