Imagine a vehicle that seats seven but drives like a true sedan. Dream on you say? We believe otherwise.

The Nissan Grand Livina is an all-new vehicle that combines the handling and response of a compact car with the space and accommodation of a Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Coined from the words “LIFE” and “LIVING”, the Nissan Grand Livina melds the experience of an active and lively drive of a sedan with a versatile yet stylish MPV form. But we’ve taken the concept a step further by adding luxury comfort features and a high quality finish to an already fine-tuned package. What results is a totally new and unique driving experience, unheard of in its class.


Seating Configurations

There’s no sweat in switching from one activity to another. Grand Livina tenders the needs of passengers up to the cargo allowing you to achieve the pleasure you commonly achieve in a sedan.

» Sedan + Seven Seats

It’s the only sedan with seven seats. Space for you, your kids and their yaya.

» Lounge Around in the Backseat

Drop the seats for a mobile lounge as you take view the sunset.

» Cargo Is No Problem

Pull a cord to drop the rear seats and get maximum trunk space no sedan can ever offer. Golfs bags and travel luggage will easily be accommodated.

» Cargo Plus More

A variety of seating configurations will fit your family’s every need.

Seat Material

Sofa like cushion alongside the elegance. This woven seat material caters the feeling of being home comfortably, seating on your favorite comforting couch and enabling you to last long hours of travel. Finest and sophistication. The leather seats elevate the appease achieved in a woven material and a touch of tranquility. (Luxury only)

Ventilation System Control

A big no to bad weather is the integral functionality of Grand Livina’s ventilation, making it an automatic perfect airflow the way you want it.

Tilt Steering Column

Drivers do not need to be uneasy. The steering wheel permits drivers to adjust it in accordance with their desired position.


Trunk or No Trunk

The rear trunk of the Grand Livina extends into this under floor space for secure and hidden storage. Beneath you will find the spare tire.

Refreshments On Call

There is a generous number of cupholders on the Grand Livina for a truly refreshing drive. The rear cupholder flips open to reveal another cupholder while the coin box / ashtray disguises the twin drink holders upfront.

Organize More

More than just gloves will fit into the deep glove compartment while bevy door pockets keep magazines and maps well organized.

Inspired by Performance

Many touches are inspired by the mighty Nissan 350Z like the silver finish on the shifter and the chrome bevels on the triple